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Campaña Namma Neeru en el Estado de Karnataka (India)

--texto en inglés-- *The launch of the month long NAMMA NEERU campaign across the state of Karnataka*

13th Jan, 11 AM Town Hall, Bangalore

Dear Friends,

The struggle against water privatisation in Karnataka is at a very crucial juncture. In a recent event when the chairman of the Karnataka water board (KUWSDB) announced having received a loan of Rs. 7000 Crores to promote the privatisation of water supply in most of the state, he also sought to criminalise anyone who opposes the commercialisation and privatisation of our waters. When elected governments in other states of the country are seriously examining issues of water security as a basic human right, the government of Karnataka is headed the other way by dismantling public water utilities and handing over the responsibility of operating and managing water services to national and foreign private companies. This despite clear examples of failing privatisation experiments across different cities of the state. Clearly, the agenda is to push for a complete corporate control over our waters and to criminalise anyone who stands on behalf of water as a common property resource. To seek for the strengthening of and the democratisation of public water utilities will now be a crime in Karnataka.

It is in this context that the People's Campaign for Right to Water is launching the ‘Namma Neeru’ campaign to mobilise 1 lakh people across the state to petition against water privatisation in Karnataka. The month-long campaign will be launched on 13th of January 2014 at Bangalore Town Hall at 11 AM. . During the campaign we will gather 1 Lakh signatures which will be presented to the Chief Minister in a public event in February to demonstrate the widespread opposition to privatisation.

*Demands of the Namma Neeru Campaign*

• Stop water privatisation in all its forms in Karnataka

• Enact a new law to provide Water Security to all the residents of state

• Provide free life line water of 135ltrs per person per day
• Strengthen public water institutions and democratise their functioning

*11 reasons why water privatisation should be stopped*

• Privatisation treats water as a commodity to profits from

• Privatisation leads to drastic increases in water bills and leads to those who cannot pay being disconnected

• Privatization creates an artificial water crisis to manufacture a favourable opinion

• Private companies are accountable to shareholders not consumers

• Privatisation fosters corruption

• Privatisation is undemocratic as it reduces local control and public rights

• Privitisation is less financially viable than public supply because financing private companies is far more expensive than running a public utility

• Privatisation destroys public institutions through its lack of democracy and state accountability as well as its job losses

• Privatisation is difficult to reverse as it is bound by unfair contracts

• Privatisation legitimises discrimination against those who cannot afford to pay the ever increasing water tariff and diverts water for entertainment of the super rich

• Privatization is anti-life

Please join us and sign the petition.


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